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Robust, powerful and efficient, these features are what we consider to be 'typically Festool' and the reason why tradesmen trust in the reliability and longevity of Festool products.

We specialize in the fields of timber construction, carpentry, painting and renovation work as well as paintwork preparation and finishing. We are experts in these trades. As a result, our tools, accessories and service are perfectly tailored to your requirements as a demanding professional in these trades.

Furniture & Cabinet Makers

Building furniture, cabinets, and other fine woodworking requires precision and consistency. Achieve the best results whether, sawing, routing, joining, or sanding, while maintaining a clean work environment with the Festool System. Work confidently knowing that Festool has decades of experience providing power tool solutions that are tried-and-tested with industry-leading quality, advanced design and ergonomics, and maximum versatility. 

Painters and Drywallers

Walls and ceilings define a person’s living space and home. And great walls and ceilings depend on perfect surfaces and surface preparation. Effective surface preparation is also the key to long-lasting coatings and finishes. Festool offers the right tools and high-quality abrasives for fast and efficient surface preparation. Easily reduce clean-up and create a nearly dust-free environment when paired with tool-triggered Dust Extractors. Discover how you can create superior surfaces in less time with Festool solutions, and work in a nearly dust-free environment.

Remodelers and Builders

Homeowners desire a clean and seamless transformation of their living space. Festool power tools – powered by CT Dust Extractors provide unmatched results inside the home while maintaining a clean and nearly dust-free environment.  Efficiently move in and around the Jobsite and reduce wasted time with Festool Systainer® and Mobility systems.  

Finish Carpentry

Carpentry constructs roofs, wooden houses, staircases and façades for eternity. And it all begins with Festool professional tools. Whether for sawing, drilling, screwdriving, planing, mortising or cutting, Festool offers the ideal solution for almost any woodworking application. Robust, powerful and efficient machines – if required, also without sockets and cables in our 18-volt system. They cope with all the daily challenges that have to be dealt with in roof construction, roof refurbishment, wood construction, exterior construction or staircase construction.


Festool products have long been recognized by flooring installers for hardwood, laminate, composite, and many other flooring types. Guided cuts, whether by circular saw or router, are a mainstay in many flooring installs and Festool saws and routers help ensure accurate and finish-quality cuts for a seamless look. Sanders with highly efficient stock removal and nearly dust-free performance help to complete the most demanding refinishing tasks. Dust- extractable tools, coupled with tool-triggered dust extractors, make for a cleaner installation, cleaner jobsite, and cleaner work environment.