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JELD-WEN carries a wide variety of interior doors including eight product lines.

  • Custom Wood - JELD-WEN Custom Wood doors are made from the finest wood by some of the world's most talented craftsmen.  These architecturally inspired designs bring elegance to your home
  • Authentic Wood - With timeless design, multiple wood species, and decorative glass options, the Authentic Wood Series brings warmth and artistry to any home, whether modern or traditional
  • Tria Premium Composite C Series - Let your imagination flow among more design options than any other door category. Router-carved panels provide definition, contemporary and traditional sticking profiles add detail, and the seamless surface is made for easy painting, with a core that minimizes sound transmission for peaceful enjoyment.
  • Tria Premium Composite L Series - When simple, clean lines meet dramatic, sharp-edged design, the result is fascinating. The L-Series features more than 100 design choices, the very embodiment of customization. Two solid surfaces surround the interior panel, so there are no gaps, no places that need t ouch-up painting, no wobbliness. Crisp aesthetics and a Shaker design for straight lines with style.
  •  Tria Premium Composite R Series - Dramatic contours and precision detailing set the R-Series apart. With four sticking profiles embedded into the door itself, the visual effect is unique and dramatic. Above- and below-surface definition are augmented by more than 100 design options.
  • Molded Composite Wood - Available textured or smooth, depending on design, and ready for painting in many panel designs. Solid cores are available for superior sound control between rooms. Eco Friendly Construction.
  • Flush Wood Composite - Available in wood grain finishes or smooth for painting. Solid cores are available for superior sound control between rooms.  Designed to deliver modern styling to any home.
  • MODA Collection - Introducing MODA, the new line of modern interior doors from JELD-WEN. Designs so minimalistic they feel at home anywhere, yet so striking they stand apart from the crowd. The clean lines and multiple options of these unique doors help you make a statement that is both contemporary and timeless. 


  • USGBC - many LEED approved products
  • NAHB Green Products
  • Energy Star Products